At Bubbles ’n Colors your child will find a second home since our goal is to create a safe and fun environment.

We offer a full immersion Spanish program. It is well known that the best way to learn a new language is to do it in a natural way and that will allow your child to absorb the second language.

Our classes are designed to instruct children while having fun and engaging their minds. They will discover that learning a new language can also be entertaining. We use exciting teaching tools such as songs, rhymes, games, arts and crafts, fairy tales, and other activities to promote learning in a fun environment. Classes are structured to encourage children to play games and sing familiar songs, thereby facilitating the learning process. Your child will develop skills and abilities to learn new languages.

Our program is based on non-competitive activities which help children to develop a positive self-image, confidence, and love for learning. They will also learn to work as team players, express their feelings and ideas, and start being independent young people.


Snacks and lunch are included in the tuition for both half-day and full-day children. Our diet is based on fresh fruits and vegetables, organic whenever possible. We avoid serving processed food.

Our snacks and lunch are homemade so we can ensure your kids will have a fresh and balanced diet.

What our parents say...

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