What our parents say

"My family is very pleased with Bubbles N Colors. We selected this preschool for Spanish immersion, home-based mentality, and fair pricing. I couldn't be happier. (We had also considered Montessori programs and larger institutions, but they felt too corporatized. I wanted somebody to actually love my daughter, not just change her diaper and take a check).

Liliana, the proprietor, is a kind, brilliant, and energetic woman who treats the children as her own. She balances structure with fun, incorporating everything from potty training and tooth brushing to art and yoga into the routine. My daughter, who is 2, shows clear excitement and joy when we pull up to drop her off at Bubbles n Colors for the day. She runs up to Liliana, who immediately picks her up and engages her. If you're a mother, you know that feeling of relief that comes in knowing your child is in a secure environment.

I truly have nothing negative to say about Bubbles N Colors. It is my first day care experience and I was initially heartbroken to leave my child's care in somebody else's hands, but after Day One I knew I had made the right choice.

You can expect lots of communication from Liliana, healthful foods, photos regularly sent by email, arty projects to hang on your fridge, a loving environment and fair tuition scale. Very highly recommended. I am happy to give more info to anybody considering this preschool."

Clare L.


"When I decided to send my then 20-month old toddler to daycare, I searched many places, primarily family-based caregivers in west side LA. The charge ranges between $200-$400/week and the typical place has a ratio of 2:14, which means 1 trained caregiver plus a helper to take care of 12-14 kids. I was not very impressed - some of them run just as a business - pay attention to parents, not kids. All of them are way too crowded to give any sufficient amount of attention to any individual kid.

So when I interviewed with Bubbles N Colors, I was pleased that the caregiver does not want to hire help and limit her kids up to 5-6. She is very educated, experienced, intelligent and has wonderful manners and fun personality. The environment is clean and nice, full of creative toys and tools for kids to learn. Most importantly, I could see the genuine interest and love via interaction between her and my child immediately. My intuition told me this is the right one!

Any parents who've sent their kids to daycare know the first week is extremely tough, for both kids and parents. I almost cried when I had to leave my son for the 2nd day when he realized what's going on and refused to stay behind. Soon after I arrived in the office, I got an email with tons of pictures that they took during the day of my son and of course - he was having lots of fun! Both my husband and I were so relieved. Since then there have been many other pleasant surprises such as they brush his

teeth after lunch, provide home-made lunch with healthy ingredients (my son always eats a lot more than at home), teach Spanish, dancing, drawing, etc. that each day we feel blessed to watch how our son enjoys learning new skills, develop good manners and love bonding with the caregiver.

I know I am lucky to have found this gem. I highly recommend it to all moms who are looking for a wonderful place for their toddlers!"



"Before I sent my daughter to Liliana’s school, two other preschool teachers had told me in separate occasions that Liliana is very knowledgeable teacher comes to communicating with kids and that they have both learned a lot from her.

Now that my daughter has been with her for 3 months, I’ll say she is just a fantastic teacher that a mom can find. She is attentive, nurturing and fun and smart at the same time. My daughter loves her and Laura, and talks about the preschool all the time. And I can just tell that she thrives in the loving and fun-learning environment. And beyond what a mom can already ask for in a preschool, she picks up Spanish, so fast that it amazes me, on the way.

I will not hesitate to recommend teacher Liliana to any moms."

Debra Yeoh, Mom of a 3-year-old

"Liliana Robayo is a phenomenal teacher, exposing her students to the fundamentals of grammar and conversational Spanish through interactive and emphasis on practical application. During her program, she develops trust with her students, helping them forget about how much or little of the language they know, so they can focus on learning. Because of her devotion to education she's a wonderful teacher, always with the student's best interest at heart."

Camara Kambon

Emmy Award Winning Composer


"Bubbles n Colors is one of the nicest pre schools in Los Angeles. Liliana is a very caring, knowledgeable, and dedicated teacher and does a superb job with her bilingual preschool.

My daughter looks forward every morning to spend the day at Bubbles n Colors. She is having a lot of fun learning a second language. She is very proud of her Spanish and so are we.

We have peace of mind knowing that she is in a safe, learning, and growing environment that offers a great atmosphere for children, healthy meals, and

a place that we can safely call Katie’s second home."

K.S. Los Angeles


"Liliana works magic with children. She is nurturing, patient, creative, and wonderfully energetic, and takes pride in her students' progress. Children are in warm, capable hands in Liliana's care, as it is clear how much she respects and honors each child's unique spirit and learning style."

Cindy Milwe

English Teacher

Venice, CA


"Liliana is a wonderful teacher. My daughters love her warm, caring and attentive demeanor.

She is a smart and creative educator, who uses age appropriate techniques to fully engage her students. I highly recommend Liliana for anyone wanting their children to learn Spanish.

We love her!"

Adrienne Luce, mother of 3 daughters


"I’m so happy that you are fulfilling your dream of having your own school. What a beautiful gift for the community and a fine example for your children. If I were to write a piece for your brochure about Michael’s experience with you I would say: Liliana Ruiz is a joyful, dynamic teacher who understands the needs and development of young children. She keeps her lessons well paced using a multi sensory approach and a lot of language. My son loved to play her games and learned so much Spanish in the process."

Julia Curiel